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Our story

A few words about us and our work

A wish for doing things outside everybody’s rules was always inside us. We wanted to do it our own way, the honest way. Withouth thinking about the limits, our creative paths began at a very young age. We always enjoyed being creative.

Through primary school both of us participated in various forums, where we could learn new forms of digital art. Soon enough we started to help others with our own tutorials. It was our hobby which took most of our free time in primary school. It was a form of relaxation which we both enjoyed very much.
School life
Not knowing what the next step is, we both chose the wrong secondary school and soon realized maybe we should change it. We did. We chose a media school and in the fourth year destiny somehow finally brought our paths together.

That’s when the idea for Rock’n’dev was born. But it had to wait. It wasn’t the right time, we weren’t ready.
Getting into bussines
After graduating from secondary school, we chose colleges which just did not work for us. We could not be put in a box, so we decided to get our first working experience in this field instead. We worked in different agencies. It was a fun experience at first, we got so much knowledge. Mostly life knowledge. But we knew how important certain values were to us and we just couldn’t find those values there.
What’s our guide in the first place?
Our guide was never money. It was love for this business. It was love for creativity, a wish for helping people, for developing ideas that were outside the box. Fun.

For us, one of the most important values are honesty, passion for what you do and being a genuenly nice person. We firmly believe that there are no good results without a team that respects eachother and works in everyones best interest. There is no formula that works for everyone, we are all unique and everybody’s got something to offer.
And that’s how Rock ‘n’ Dev was born …
That’s when we knew it was time for Rock’n’dev to see the light of the day. Because Rock’n’dev represents just that. Rock for a different way of thinking, for being creative and for not living inside of what society tells you to do. For being who you really are.

And dev, besides the obvious phrase in developing, for constant growth, working on yourself, learning new things every day and after all, sharing everything you know with the world.
How do we work and understand you?
One of the biggest problems in this industry is probably the lack of communication and understanding between a client and the people working on their project. That’s why a really important thing for us is talking to you and understanding what you really want to tell your audience and your clients. We’re not going to start working on your project untill we understand what you really have to offer and how we can show that in the best way possible.

We will focus on educating you and helping you prepare great content for your project, because we believe that quality content is the only way build something successful on long-term.