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Branding And Web Solutions
With a Pinch of Rock 'n' Roll
And Cats, Dogs, Coffee and Good Food
Lizzie and Simba
Web Solutions
A website is like a store. It’s the first contact you have with your client. It has to tell a story, show your style and it has to keep a person interested enough to stay and become your client.

We are going to help you make your online presentation show who you really are and what your brand stands for.
Branding Solutions
Every successful brand has a set of different values and a unique, outstanding visual image. You’re the one who knows exactly what your values are and what represents you the best.

We are here to help you share them with the world in a form of an appealing visual brand identity.

Our Four-Step Process

Small steps for great results

Getting To Know You & Your Project
#1 step towards successful project
A good product comes from understanding your needs. That’s why we start every project with a consult about you and your brand. We talk about your vision and your values, what you do and what makes you different. We help you define your brand and discover it’s true potential, by visualising what you had in mind.
#2 step towards successful project
The most important part of presenting yourself is what you tell. That’s why we start every project with you preparing the materials with our help first. We are here to help you tell your story in a way, that will bring out your full potential and make your brand stand out.
Preparing Tools & Materials
Bringing Project To Life & Making it Shine
#3 step towards successful project
This is where the magic happens. With the help of our brand-defining strategy and the materials we prepared together, we are going to develop a creative solution that brings out the real you, fits your clients/customers needs and won’t easily be passed by.
#4 step towards successful project
An important last step after finishing the project is educating you on how you can keep taking care of it yourself and really use the full potential of it. We will teach you how to advertise your website and your business, prepare templates you can use on your social media platforms, how to write great blog posts for your clients or anything else that might be beneficial to your business in the terms of the project we made together and the business itself.
Helping You With Achiving Your Goals & Dreams

Best Of Our Work

Your next project would look great here ... just saying =)

Our story

"Cats, Dogs, Coffee and Good Food" explained here =)

Hey! We’re Luka & Nina, just two creative people with a cat and a dog.
They say an animal gets after their owners. I’d agree. They’re pretty insane and weird. Their favourite thing to do is annoy us with heir constant bark-meow battles and knowcking things down while they chase eachother around and pretend they hate eachother. If you thought we have any control over them, you thought wrong. We might be our own boss in the office, but guess who makes the rules at home …
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Our studio

Place where good ideas come to life

It's true that our office is quite small, but you can't beat a comfy couch in a bright room with a direct view of the mountains. I'd say we love to jam with that guitar over there, but I'd be lying. We're not very talented. But you're welcome to do it.

As for everything else in our studio ... Let's just call it a creative mess. ;)

If you'd like to see it, you'll have to visit us. But you just might have to sit in our dog's bed, since he clearly claimed the couch as his own.
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